March for Our Lives - Ann Arbor Report Back

Jeremy Fugate • 24 March 2018
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Today, in cities across the nation, students, teachers, parents, and supportive citizens marched in demand of stricter gun control. The recent tragedies befalling our nation's inhabitants due to mass shootings has been outrageous for some time. Students who survived the deadly events of Valentine's Day this year have done a massively impressive job in keeping pressure on the government to come up with something to prevent these events from happening in the future. These students from Parkland, Florida have been leading the charge, and keeping the debate alive. No matter where you fall in the political spectrum, these kids deserve respect for wanting to be involved, and wanting to hold our politicians accountable where we as adults have failed over these last several years.


The day's events included live music, petition signing for various progressive causes, and lots of community solidarity. There was a great intersectional line-up of speakers all focusing on gun violence in our country. These brilliant people realize the importance of intersectionality, and one of the speakers even focused exclusively on this topic. I was able to capture the majority of the speaking portion of the event via Facebook livestream (apologies for strange angle at the beginning, my phone was refusing to go into landscape). 


Many in the crowd showed their disdain for the NRA as well, through signs and chants such as "Hey hey! Ho ho! The NRA has got to go!". NRA - Not Really America


All in all, this event was very inclusive and left a sense of a community united for the sake of the safety of our children.

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