Thunderclap: Support LGBTQ Homeless Youth

Civic Twin Cities • 13 July 2018
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Jeremy Messersmith, Haley, Roma di Luna, Solid Gold and More 
Help Raise Funds for LGBTQ Youth Experiencing Homelessness

The Problem: Every year, 1.3-1.7 million young people experience one night of homelessness with over half a million youth being homeless for a week or longer. 40% of those youth identify as LGBTQ, and the vast majority are youth of color. There are limited services for these young people, and of the services that do exist, few provide culturally competent support for LGBTQ-identified youth. Many queer and trans youth report experiencing discrimination, abuse and violence in general population shelters because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Providing affirming and safer homes for queer and trans youth is a critical part in helping them transition into stability. The general public needs to be made aware of LGBTQ youth homelessness in order to help evoke necessary cultural change.

The Response: The GLBT and ConneQT Host Home Programs are strong, resilient, and nationally recognized community-based programs. The focus has been on taking care of basic needs while simultaneously fostering connections and building community. Ultimately, these programs are about empowering communities to support themselves while at the same time working with others organizing for social justice, especially racial and economic justice. We advocate for moving beyond just responding to homelessness and, in fact, making social changes needed to truly end homelessness.

The GLBT and ConneQT Host Home Programs make a meaningful impact on the lives of GLBT youth experiencing homelessness. In order for that to continue people need to know about the queer and trans homeless youth crisis and this critical response. Because of generous contributions from these artists and musicians the "Power of Love" music benefit compilation will help raise awareness of the queer and trans youth homelessness epidemic, help us to recruit new hosts, and raise funds for operational and supportive service expenses.

Album cover art by Jared Maire @polyesterforever

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